What would you tell your kids is the best thing about being Hispanic?

I am happy to have found a group of people that accept diversity and encourage multicultural upbringing, not just in the States, but also anywhere you are.  We had a twitter party last night to celebrate Hispanic Heritage Month, it was fun!  These people are pretty fun to hang around!  While discussing diversity they asked:


What would you tell your kids is the best thing about being Hispanic?  

I never really thought much about it.  I mean I am who I am, and I let my kids see the human being as it is.  What ever they are, they were fearfully and wonderfully made.  I suppose, I see me as a human first, that happened to be Hispanic.  Anyway, the question put me to think, specially after I read the replies from other people,

 Sep 23

 ….The best thing about being Hispanic is the love of family, ingenuity, strength of spirit, and joy!

It is true, Hispanics are very querendones. We have really close families and full of joy, we are very happy people!

…I tell my kids what my father used to say to me: we have big hearts and strong work ethics.

It is true, many farmers around my area love having Hispanics working for them.  Specially because they are really hard workers.  And also, they are loyal to their employers.

How great it is to have such an amazing culture & history and it’s wonderful to be able to learn in 2 languages

So very true, we have a lot of History among ourselves, which brings a lot of history with it.  And yes, the second language comes with the parents.  Que viva el Español!

 … you can Speak Spanish, eat delicious food and be proud of who you are

Oh the Hispanic food, so yummy.  I love tacos, tamales, arepas, humintas, salteñas, empanadas, I love Hispanic food!   I love cooking, but I think my love for cooking comes from my Bolivian mom’s kitchen.

 …. the traditions, the music, el amor familiar, la union and religion.

Yes,  tradition and religion are definitely part of our culture.  Our music goes beyond Salsa and Merengue!  As an example, we have Zamba, Samba, Tango, Malambo, Tarqueadas, Cuecas and more. Our music goes way beyond what is heard on the radio stations.  The music shows who we are and represents our culture in such a deeply way.

What do I think?  I think I take pride of being Latina.  I like bringing up my children in a bicultural home, with two languages and within two cultures.  But also, I want them to know that they are not better than anybody else, they should love and respect their neighbors as God wants them  to.

Well, now is your turn, what is the best thing about being Hispanic?

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