Villancicos, music to teach my culture

Villancicos are the Christmas Carols for Spanish speaking countries.  When I lived in Bolivia, they sounded to me repetitive and almost tiresome. The reason why they sounded like that is because they are meant to be played with native instruments and to the rhythm of native music.  When you hear something over and over for a month, it can become tiresome.

Now, that I live far away and I am trying to raise bilingual and bicultural children, I have come to the realization that Villancicos are an amazing way to show my culture!.

Here are the reasons,

  • They are sang in Español,
  • Show typical instruments
  • Bolivian music rhythm and even are danced with Bolivian costumes,
  • The lyrics of the Villancicos show the Christmas story, so the vocabulary that I can teach my kids is definitely related to the season.
  • The best, is that a Villancico shows diversity among Spanish speaking countries and Portuguese speaking countries. They vary in rhythm and lyrics according to the culture.

Here a Villancico, sang by the famous group los Kjarkas. The video shows a lot of the Bolivian culture, and the Lyrics are Christmas related.



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One thought on “Villancicos, music to teach my culture

  1. Que bonito video!! Lo voy a compartir con mi esposo…bonitas imagenes de Bolivia. (El estaba harto de las canciones de navidad de la radio!) Gracias por compartirlo!

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