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cropped-spanglishouse12.jpgSpanglish has become a very used lingo at home. To the point that my blog is called Spanglish-house.   I did not plan to switch and mix languages as much as I do, but due to the multicultural environment (in which I am the minority).  I allow my kids to do it on a daily basis.  For crying out loud, I do it myself!   I try my best to switch from one language to another and not mix languages; but I have to recognize there are some words that sound better in one language than the other.

It made me feel better to learn that switching from one language to another, is a sign of mastering both languages and not a sign of lack of proficiency.  It also made my day to receive the news of people researching the matter.

A group of students of the university of Leiden in the Netherlands are conducting research about the use of Spanglish.  Right now they are collecting data to be analyzed.  Do you want to be part of the study? The only requirement is to be proficient in Spanish, English and I suppose Spanglish also.

Here is the Link, to fill in the Survey.

What I like the best about this survey,

  • Made me realized that I developed a grammar structure in my Spanglish.
  • I like better to switch languages rather than mixing them.
  • It was fun to analyze Spanglish sentences.

Te animas a llenarlo?


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