Weekly Activities en Español

Last week I made a commitment. “I will make my kids speak Spanish even if they don’t want to”.  Sounds rough doesn’t it?  Well, I should have said I will help them to gain confidence in their Español.
Since I do not  have a Hispanic community available, my strategy is to have Spanish lessons besides homeschooling them in Spanish and English.   So  I began to use Coquito Integrado, for first grade.

First week was about routine and social environment.  My eldest son can read and he understood what he read.  My second son reads slowly, but I helped him and he could understand.  Near the end of each session I read aloud to see if my little girls would understand as well and they did.

1st session.-  We worked orally on our first lesson and I made them read, repeat and speak. Son #1 was happy, son#2 was annoyed.  Daughter #1 was so looking forward to spend Spanish time with everybody that she just followed along.  And, daughter #2 kept insisting that she could not hear me.
Since they do not attend to a formal school, I made them review the activities they do at home everyday. (By the way, that is my first lesson for them in K).  I asked my 5 year old girl to please draw me all the activities she does during the day, which she happily did.
2nd Session.-  We revised the pictures (drawings), and choose the ones that we were going to include in our Horario Semanal. She is an artist and did a great job. She even had some drawings of her fighting with the boys, she said that is what sometimes they do. (Those drawings are not part of the schedule).

Here are some of her drawings:

Drawing 1, she is getting up. #2 she is brushing her teeth, #3 making her bed, #4 (my drawing and her coloring) school time, #4 meal time and #5 play time.

We had a Snowy day, it was a good one. So, I put my snow hat and gloves and play with my kids.  After playing we did some Lectura en Español time, which brought a new guessing game called Oso Pardo, Oso Pardo, ¿qué es lo que ves?

On the last session of the week we put together Nuestro Horario.  I made labels for each activity.  Every label had the pronouns Yo, El/Ella y Nosotros. (I am planning to add more pronouns as they get familiar with the written and spoken words and verbs).

Then I made a game out of it. They had to choose a card, read it, (I read for the 6 and 5 year old kids), and they had to match each card to a picture. They did it without a problem!

My suspicion was confirmed they do understand Spanish!

Here is how the activities labeled look like:

And our final work of art is here.

It fits perfectly the time change right? Eventually the time will be added, perhaps when we adjust to it. For now, that is how my week looks like.


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    • I know, even the youngest makes me laugh when she says that she can’t hear me. But then she responds to questions and commands in Spanish.

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