Two activities to keep your little company busy on Thanksgiving day

Tonight, my husband and I went shopping for Thursday dinner.  As we walked the aisles in the store, we started to think in what activities we should do with all the little ones that are coming to our house. – you know nephews and nieces.  It is going to be cold here and some indoor activities is what we really need.

I quickly thought in some card games, coloring books and toys to keep them busy and out of trouble.  And of course, Tia Cecy likes Spanish! So, I will let them work on some Spanish fun.

Last week I created for my students a little Acción de Gracias coloring book.  And also, I will let them play a memory game in Spanish.  Both activities can keep them busy a good hour and a half.



Here is the link for the Acción de Gracias coloring booklet for kids .

And here el Alfabeto de Otoño.   If you cut the pictures it makes a Fall memory game in Spanish!


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