Find Latino Literature at a low cost

It is a blessing to see the quality and quantity of Latino Literature now available in the market.  A simple visit to Amazon made me aware of it.  And if you go to ebay you can also find a lot!   But lets be honest, it can be costly.  So here a few options I found available at a very low cost or at none,

  • Do you have an Ollie’s available in your area? They carry books in Spanish.
  • Check in Second Hand Stores, I love going to the Habitat Stores or the Goodwill.  I found many books including bilingual dictionaries in this type of store.  Sometimes they have a storage smell, nothing that baking soda can not get rid of.
  • Used Curriculum Sale

    Bought from Used Curriculum Sale

    Books from Second Hand Store

    Books from Second Hand Store

  • You tube has videos or  read aloud cuentos.  You can search the terms “books read aloud in Spanish”.
  • There is some websites that have freeon line books in Spanish.  For instance,
  • Public Libraries are such a blessing!  I was    making the mistake of looking for books in the Spanish section.  I thought I had read all  the Spanish children’s books from my local  library. What I did not know, is that I hadn’t  read all the Bilingual Latino Literature  available. However, as soon as I started to  look under author I found many Latino  Literature books.  Also, my library was able  to request the books from other library  branches
  •  Latinas for Latino Literature has a very complete list or authors, and books by age. So browse their site, and you will find a lot of cool stuff to support your search.
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