Time for los pollitos

Three weeks ago Foxy Loxy (Zorrito feroz) stopped by and stole our chickens!.  Two survived, a hen and the rooster.  Four little souls were completely broken and two adults were truly disappointed for the loss.  We decided to let go of the chickens for the summer, offering the survivors to friends and neighbors, nobody wanted them.  Meanwhile, we kept taking care of them, and collecting one egg daily. To keep a better attitude about the eggs, we started to collect them every two days.  Somehow, getting two eggs feels better than collecting one!

Seven days ago, little four year old came crying, telling us that the hen was mean to her.  It had pecked her hand while collecting eggs.  The Hen became a momma, and she was getting ready to take care of a family!

Her behavior makes me reflect so much in motherhood. Hay la maternidad! La maternidad makes us beautifully crazy.

Similarities to a human motherhood,

  • A momma makes a nest for her little ones to lay
  • She does not move from her babies.
  • She gets up like crazy in the morning, eats and grazes in less than 8 minutes.
  • Bathes even twice a day, very quickly though.
  • She pecks to whoever touches those eggs.
  • She does not hang around the poor rooster. The guy spends his days calling her and moping around.
  • She puffs herself to just any strange noise.
  • Motherhood does not speak any language, just the language of love.
  • Motherhood is a call, certainly all this eggs are the hens.  But I am sure, she would do the same thing for other eggs.  She is always willing to adopt.

In less than 2 weeks probably two or three babies will hatch, and she will be finding food and perhaps keeping them warm.  It will be time to sing Los Pollitos dicen,con mis hijitos. and the song will have a totally different connotation, a real one!


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