The art of making an empanada

Many Hispanics may think, that an Empanada is not an empanada if the repulgado, is not done by hand.  El repulgado is the art of closing and sealing the empanada by hand.  The truth is that I am Hispanic and I cannot seal an empanada!.  I tried, and I tried hard and most of the time my empanadas pop open while cooking,

I regularly bake or fry Empanadas.  I make them from scratch, with cheese, beef, chicken, ground beef, ham and cheese, etc.  The results are the same, they pop open.  The juices ran out, the flavor is still good and people love them, BUT they are not perfect.  My eyes have not been pleased with the results, even though they satisfy my antojo.

Here two pictures of my attempts to make perfect Empanadas.


After so many attempts, I decided to buy me a repulgador manual or Empanada maker.  I went on line and I found that Tupperware makes nice manual empanadas makers.

I also found industrial ones, but I am not quite ready to go into business.

When the Spanglish Daddy saw me looking for one, he went ahead and bought me an early Christmas present. An Electric Empanada Maker!.  At first I was reluctant about using the gadget, but once I saw the results, I really liked it!.   And the best, besides making empanadas, you can also make churros, or Spanish Doughnuts.


I made Bolivian Tucumanas, that are Fried ground beef empanadas and also I made Spanish Doughnuts.  Both recipes were a success!

The things I like about the machine.

  • The machine is perfect for fried empanadas.
  • It the empanada opens while cooking or does not seal perfectly, it does not make a big mess.
  • If you have to clean because of not a perfect seal, it was easy to clean.
  • They are healthier since they are not cooked in oil.
  • The flavor is good.
  • It takes less time than frying them.

Here is a pick of the process,

However, I will still practice my repulgado to make perfect Salteñas.  Salteñas are the best baked empanadas ever!  They are filled with a meat or chicken stew.  For the purpose I have been watching some videos on you tube.


Do you know how to Repulgar Empanadas?

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