The A, B, C’s of Español in a Spanglish House

As many of you know, my first language is Spanish.  I teach at home to my children,  I am also a private Spanish tutor and a Spanish Elementary teacher.  I did not study to be a teacher,  but some things come just as wrapped gifts and life takes care to unwrap them in its time.  I find great joy in using my gifts to help people, and certainly a language is a gift.

I have developed lessons to teach kids the basics of Español.  I put lessons and fun together so my students can not only learn the language, but also love it.  It is a joy to share it with you, so you can use the resources and enjoy them.

And here you go, les presento a:


I still believe that learning a language is better if you are immersed in the culture. But, it is a good start for children to make them love the language through activities more than just plain theory.  At the end of the day, the key for any language, at any stage, is to live it as you learn it.

The A B C’s of a Spanglish House is the beginning of a bilingual house.  Most of the lessons will follow an alphabetical order but also, they are placed following an incremental approach.

I hope you enjoy using the material, as much I enjoyed creating it.


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