Teach your kids about Pascua

I love new beginnings. Spring is symbol of new life, a new beginning!  For Christians, Jesus was a new beginning, the opportunity to  be born again and have eternal life.  How does Easter tides up with, bunnies, eggs, lots of candy and Pascua?  Here a few facts that you can explain to your children while celebrating Easter.

About Pascua or Easterbible &cruz

  • Pascua comes from the Hebrew word Pesach (Passover).
  • Christ was crucified during Passover, becoming him the offering sacrifice for our sins.
  • England would celebrate Vernal Equinox (Eostre) honoring Goddess of Spring.
  • Early Christians used this celebration and called it Easter to be able to spread Christianity in England.

About the Egg,egg

  • An egg would resemble life giving during Easter because of its shape (seed and a rain drop).
  • Christians used the Egg as a symbol of the stone tomb from which Christ rose.
  • It was a life giving symbol with Persians, Phoenicians, Hindus, Egyptians, Chinese, Greek, Romans and more cultures.
  • In Europe people used to give decorated eggs as a present during Easter time.
  • Early American children would dye eggs using bark, cherries and leaves.

About the Cross, 

  • For Romans the Cross was a symbol of dead, for Christians the Cross became a symbol of life since Christ overcome dead.

About the bunny,rabbit

  • In Greece the heir was a symbol of new life.
  • Christians connected the heir, that in America became a Rabbit, as a symbol of New Life in Christ.
  • Christians see Jesus as the Lamb who sacrificed himself on the Cross.
  • Palms were used in Rome to great Kings and Jesus was greated with Palms the Sunday before the Passover.

Can you see all the American Easter traditions coming together? Eggs decorating, Egg hunting, Chocolate rabbits, stuffed Rabbits and of course remembering Christ on Easter Sunday.

I still disagree in the commercialization of the holiday; companies take advantage of the occasion and there is an insane consumption of candy and stuffed rabbits.

I say lets celebrate Easter teaching our kids the real meaning of Pascua! And, how it came together, through:

  • Reading books about Passover or Pascua.
  • Reading the Bible with them.
  • Cooking traditional food,
  • Decorating eggs, while explaining them the meaning of the Egg.
  • Cooking traditional Easter dishes.
  • Attending to church and reflecting on the meaning of the season.

As for buying tons of candy, and presents for them.  I think I am not doing it! I rather focus their food interest in how we used to do it in Bolivia.  Planning to bake a few goodies and why not traditional meals this week.  Such as,

  • a traditional Passover meal
  • Sea Food dishes.
  • Arroz con leche
  • Hot Cross Buns or pan dulce.
  • Squash stew
  • Potato Soup
  • Bread Soup 

What are you doing for Easter?


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