Mercadito Boliviano

My boys are making the assumption that this time is their turn to go down South with mamá to visit los Abuelos just because last year I took the girls with me. Well, it is expensive for six people to travel to Bolivia, it is almost tempting to take the whole family down there and stay there 3 to 6 months.

So, Boys are crazy about making money for their potential trip, and they decided to start  una tiendita.  Besides la tiendita had to look like the little neighborhood stores down there.

Setting up a tienda had its challenges, too much kid’s intervention and clutter going on. Suddenly. my the eldest one had a bright idea. “Lets make a Bolivian tienda, but we will know that is Bolivian, because the Bolivian Flag will be displayed and all the prices will be in Bolivianos” . (Momma suddenly had a big smile)

So they set up their tienda de barrio. They offered to us (the adults), candy, their toys, their own newspaper, their best marbles, hand made book marks, and nick-nacks. They even had the idea of exchanging Dollars for Bolivianos (they needed the Bolivianos to run the store). Exchange rate was $1 to Bs1 to make it easier for them.

Obviously they had a blast, and without realizing they practice Spanish, Mathematics, Art, Writing and Social Skills. Here a few pictures of their tiendita Boliviana.

It was fun, the store is still there. Perhaps tomorrow they can make extra money for their future Bolivian trip.