Teaching shapes and making a Thanksgiving box

When you have the lesson of shapes coming and Acción de Gracias around the corner, you can always get creative and teach preschoolers shapes in Spanish while making a Thanksgiving Turkey Box.

What do you need for the Box.

  • An empty kleenex box.
  • Paper
  • Scissors and Glue
  • A compass and a ruler
  • Colors

Teaching shapes,

The first part of my lesson I introduce shapes and their names in Spanish, most of the forms are cognates, sound very similar in Spanish and in English.

As you put the craft together you must repeat every shape you are using in Spanish.  After 2 or 3 times, the children will start naming them in Spanish.

You will need to draw and cut

  • 2 Estrellas  (stars)
  • One círculo (circle) 15cm of diameter
  • Another circulo, 5cm diameter
  • One triángulo (triangle), for the beak
  • One heart cut in two
  • 2 small eyes or paper eyes
  • Hands of each of the kids traced on paper, colored and cut.
  • One rectángulo (rectangle) or cuadrado (square) same length and width as the Kleenex box.

Here the pictures of the assemble process.

I apologize for the turkey face full of glue, it is hard to get the glue in place with a 3 year old in charge of the gluing.

Tips for the Notes

  • The open side of the Kleenex  box, is left open to let the kids insert their Thank you notes (or notas de Agradecimiento).
  • The notes can be cuadradas (squares)
  • The kids can name one thing, at a time, that they are thankful for.
  • You can do it once a day or as often as you want.
  • Try to do it every day at the same time.
  • Do not forget, they may not repeat the same thing again.
  • Do it in Spanish, and increase their vocabulary.
  • Remember, thankfulness brings happiness.

Song and Video for the Craft.

After they put the box together, I taught them this song.

I am thinking we may have this turkey fruit for Thanksgiving day. I found it at Sheknow.com.  Who knows I may just do it to teach fruits en Español to my American relatives.