Lets learn our Spanish cantando

If you want your kids to start to speak in their second language, make them to listen to music in the language you want them to speak. Better yet, make them sing and follow the song with movements.

My kids like singing, my older son plays the piano by ear. (Which I am not proud of because it interferes with his reading music process). He has a fantastic memory and plays music that he listened to back at home, and guess what, the other 3 sing with him.

I teach Spanish to 5 and 6 year old kids in our home school cooperative once a week.  Until last year, I had different faces in my class, not many kids were former students. But this year, because there were 2 different ages (K and first grade) 8 out of 10 were former students.

How do you teach the same curriculum to the same people in a different way? Because, with exception of three kids, the others remembered very little of what was taught. So, I wanted to be good to all of them and decided to put my singer hat. We chant the lesson that we will be learning, and you know what?  It works, and they do not forget!!!

I really like the content that mamalisa,com has to offer with fun songs, rimes and videos, and the best of all is that the information they provide is by country.

Remember, sing and dance it makes the class fun!