because I get to see the community

Even though Friday represents the craziest day from the very start of the day until my little ones go to bed, I just like Fridays.  I like Fridays because we get to see other homeschoolers and I get to teach to my other children (my K-1 students), my heart’s language, Español.

It is always refreshing to see other crazy peep that worked hard to teach her own children during the week. You share, you listen and you learn from real life stories.  It makes me realize that I am not alone in the homeschooling world. I have learned so much from these ladies experiences and wisdom, that I would strongly recommend, if you are planing to homeschool, look for a small support group.

Particularly in my Coop group I have found really kind, smart, active and experienced people. Friends that have helped me and supported me in ways than go further than advise in teaching my kids at home.

There are homeschool support group organizations that can guide you through the process of finding a small coop or group that meets regularly, according to the area where you are located. They can guide you through the legalities of homeschooling in the States, in your State and of course to plan and organize your coming year.

And it does not matter how lonely you feel, there is always a God that gave you the calling and will give you the tools to make it through.