Fun and Easy ideas for Christmas

I can not believe Christmas is almost here.  I have had not the time or energy to produce material in Spanish for Christmas.  Looking for activities for my kiddos I came across good material.  They are great and easy ideas that I am implementing with my family.

Handcrafted Cards.-  Escuela en la Nube offers you pictures to color that can be easily made into Christmas Cards!!

  (click on Picture)


Easy and not cheesy is hard to come across, and I do not have much time.  I found this idea of ornament from Sticks. Hombres de las Nieves!!!

Stocking stuffers

I am already working on these little osos!  Mamasmiles, gave me the perfect idea for stocking stuffers, and even has the pattern for it.


A very clever Christmas wreath. Yes, a Guirnalda made by hand from our hands. My mother in-law sent me this picture. Isn’t it easy and fun to craft it with little ones and as a family?  I do not know who to give credit, but whoever thought about this is very clever.

And of course, Spanish Playground has a collection of Christmas activities for kiddos, they even include Etiquetas for the presents!.

Libros para Navidad.-

Spanglish Baby, has so many resources to offer, but I particularly liked and I am looking forward to read this list of favorite Christmas books.

And the Bilingualfun, also presents a very nice lists of books.

Well I hope this ideas and links can help you.