Buenos Dias! ¿Cómo estás?

It is 6 AM on Wednesday morning. You wake up, what is your first thought?

Do you say… Buenos Dias! or Good Morning!

Do you get up saying “mñs dias” like Mafalda did?

or do you get up like this:

I know that the second picture illustrates happiness, energy…..motivation and yes, probably they are children on vacation.

Life is hard and it is not easy to be optimistic about our day.  Just think in all the things we “need” to get done to complete our list, and it is already Wednesday. Sometimes I see myself counting how many days I have before the weekend.

If you feel like picture 1, I think you need to start saying Buenos Dias instead of Good Morning.

Which One: Buenos Dias or Good Morning?

A friend that worked in Bolivia as a missionary, told me that she used to pick on the natives saying “buenas mañanas”, instead of Buenos Dias. (That is the translation word by word from Good Morning).

Buenas mañanas does not make sense. So, I decided to do a bit of research and found out why I like better Buenos Dias, instead of Good Morning.

  • I am Hispanic :),
  • My first language is Español.
  • In Spanish, the expression Buenos Dias, implies the whole day and the days to come.
  • It means you may have blessed days.
  • The expression Buenos Dias de Dios (Good days of God) is also pretty common in Spanish speaking countries. Translating is something like I wish for you Godly days.
  • I think is a good habit to instill in my kids to say Buenos Dias! rather than Good morning.

As a teacher I teach my pupils Buenos Dias singing.  And, as a mother I like to sing this song often.

 Buenos Dias (to the rhythm of Brother John or Fray Felipe),

Buenos Dias, Buenos dias   (Good Morning)
¿Cómo estás?, ¿Cómo estas? (How are you?)

Muy bien gracias, Muy bien gracias (Very well, thank you)
Y usted, y usted  (And you)

And today, looking for the rhythm for this song, I found a nicer one, that can even make you dance!


I hope you have Buenos Dias! no matter what day it is!