Because everyday counts routine


Many schools started classes last month.  In this Spanglish house we started last week.  A whole full year of knowledge, fun and surprises are awaiting for us!  Of course this year will have more Spanish because kiddos are growing and Spanish is more spoken en esta casa. We start our school days with a Calendar, in…
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Tips to design your Bilingual Strategy

english mouth with a Spanish brain

A week ago I was wondering why my kids are still not speaking the minority language, even though they can understand me.  I arrived to these simple reasons,   Lack of exposure   Need of Immersion programs   Lack of Cultural Immersion   As a minority language provider I still speak the majority language  …
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Book Club Invitation

Multicultural Kid Blogs Book Club

I am so excited to be part of Multicultural Kid Blogs Book Club!    I get to read good books, discuss them and share opinions and point of view with others, including the author.  It will make this experience more meaningful yet.

We are starting with Bilingual is Better by Ana Flores and Roxana Soto.

 You can read the full schedule and how you can get involved.

It would involve weekly post with reflections on the chapter of the week, and thought-provoking questions

– Do you want to join us?  Read along and join the conversation as we talk about topics shaping the future of our multicultural families and our our world.