Summer Reading Bookmark en Español

Reading has become a central activity in our home.  The kids specially look forward to Reading Programs we follow during our Summer vacation.  This year, we are doing the program at our local library and the Latinos 4 Latino Literature Summer Reading.

They specially like the fact that they can include their Spanish / Latino literature in their hours at the Library.  To kick off our Summer reading, we made book marks en Español.  Spanish Playground has pre-designed book marks with sayings (dichos) and cute pictures.  We had fun understanding the meaning of each saying or simply repeting the rhyme.

Here a few pictures of our bookmarks marks,


bookmark 1

To encourage reading comprehension, I wrote on the back of each bookmark a little reminder of things the kids need to pay extra attention in each book they read.  Such us, Tittle (Título del Libro), Author (Autor), Number of pages (Número de páginas) and comments.

bookmark 2

I have noticed that at the beginning of the competition, the prices are the main motivator, but as the summer progresses it has become a challenge with themselves.   These little bolivianitos without even noticing are reading, and enjoying so many things without thinking on the price.  Summer Reading is fun!


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