Tips to encourage reading.

I believe all kids enjoy from reading or from been read.  Seriously, even kids that struggle with reading LOVE to follow a book on tape or CD, or better yet,  just being read.  But what if your kid does not want to read? or is reluctant to read?  Here I present a few tips,


  • Do not get so busy during the Summer that you may find your self overtired to the point of not reading.
  • Get books related to your Summer bucket list, try to get books that are related to the activities you are planning.  Such us, vacationing,  beach, mountains, soccer, baseball, gardening, even cooking books!  Involve the kid in the activity and share the book.
  • Go to the library, I still remember the time I got a Library Card for my eldest kid.  He felt so important, it was like handling a driver license to a 16 year old.  Visit the library with your kid and help them to choose books you both are interested in.  Better yet, join a Summer Reading Program.
  • Signed them up to a reading program, all public libraries have reading programs.  Make your kids aware of them and get them involved!  The challenge will make them want to read more.
  • Let them read books that they are interested in.  One of my kids loves science and is always making experiments all around the yard and house.  The other one loves history.  You can guess what type of books they check out the most.   Let your children enjoy books related to what they love the most.   Obviously, as parents we must help them to choose the material according to their age and maturity.
  • Show your kids that you also read, one time my son asked me why I do not read.  The truth is that once babies came, I started to read more kid’s books than books according to my age.  He was so right! I was not nurturing myself.  Now, besides reading them aloud I make a time to read books I want to read, while they read their books.   Sort of leading by example.  I am sure they will want you to share your book with them.  You can share a little bit and asked them to share what they have read!  Without even thinking a mesa redonda or book club will be created!!
  • Use books to break boredom, instead of sitting them in front of the TV or PC, make them read a book.
  • Let them imagine the scene while being read, let them enjoy your voice while you read to them.  Read aloud to them, and do not forget to change your voice and act a bit while reading.  Kids love when adults act a book.  You will be surprised how they improve their reading skills and proper emphasis while they read.
  • Use Books in CD’s or tapes, they work great during nap time, or during trips.  Makes traveling more fun and nap time shorter.  The best of all, you can use your local library and get them for free.

Do you have more other advice, please share it with me! 

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