Summer Fun Ideas

Coming from the Andes, I have learned to enjoy the heat of Summer season and to make the most of it.  Also, as a homeschooler, I like Summer to be an opportunity for learning.
Goals for the season
  • Enjoy the Summer as a family.
  • Speak more Spanish as a family.
  • Read in Spanish and English to the children.
  • Study Science and Art.
  • Outdoor activities.
  • Research Books and Curriculum for the coming School Year.
  • Spend the least amount of money possible.
Activities we did, we are doing and we will be doing to get to our goals.
  • El huerto! The vegetable garden has taught us a lot!. It is nice to see how much pride the kids take once they harvest the fruit of their work and share with the family.
  • A Scarecrow is a must.
  • Flower picking, they love to decorate our table with the flowers they grew or with the wild flowers they picked. 
  • Playing with sand, if you have small kids and space for a sand box. Sand is a great thing to have. The best, you can rinse them off outside, without worrying if they get cold.
  • Bubble time, we will make our own bubbles.
  • Park time, they just love going to the park, ride their bikes, feed ducks and the playground.
  • Set dates to meet with other friends that we do not get to see often.
  • Biblioteca, libraries are a wonderful resource of productive fun.  Ours, besides the summer reading program has crafts, puppets, legomania and lots of fun.
  • Latinas for Latino Literature has launched an amazing Summer Reading Program, I already signed up my kiddos for it!
  • Insect Collection, my kids love to collect insects. We will get books from the library to study what they find.
  • Rock Collection, let them get library books related to rocks. My kids can dig treasures and look for cool rocks all day long!
  • Cooking, they love making and creating their own recipes, fruit salads, salads and sandwiches.
  • I should train them to wash the dishes also.
  • Painting is the perfect summer outdoor activity.
  • Hiking and playing scavenger hunts there. Better yet, I will ask them to create the rules for the hunt.
  • Swimming lessons
  • Camping as a family, I may even let them sleep in the backyard. 
  • Vacation Bible Schools.
  • Zoo Time, I am foreseeing a trip to DC.
  • Museum time.
  • Lightening Bugs, they just love late nights to catch fireflies.
  • We will bring the fireflies inside in a mason jar, to lighten up their room.
  • Play dough time, my kids love play dough. 
  • Fire works, July the Fourth is a perfect time to enjoy fireworks.
  • Going to the Carnival, somehow they just love it.
  • Lemonade Stand. On Saturdays lemonade can be a good thing to sell.
  • Did I mention selling? perhaps I could organize a yard sale, they can practice math, social skills and economics.
  • Observe Birds. We are going in full swing with the birds, and they love it. 
  • Observe the stars, look ahead if there is an eclipse or astronomy event coming soon.
  • Build our own bird feeder, or perhaps 2.
  • Build a bird house, or perhaps 2.
  • Bathe the dog, they think is cool to do it.
  • Take them to a lake or river to enjoy nature.
  • Take them fishing.
  • Take them berry picking.
  • Have picnics in the backyard.
  • Paint rocks with vegetable names on them to decorate the huerta or garden.
  • Roast Smores.
  • Take care of tad poles. It can be gross for a city mommy but kids love to see the frog / toad cycle. They are already naming the frogs they found anyway.
  • If we go to the beach, we will collect shells and I will make sure to do some art project with them.
  • Take walks on the beach  at sunrise and at sunset.
  • Teach them to take pictures of their Summer activities.
  • Encourage them to keep a diary of their summer days.
  • Work together on their own photo album.
  • We must take them to the Drive Inn, we have one very close to our home.
Have you noticed I have not mention Television or Computers? It is simple, kids need fresh air and they especially need share time with me and my husband.  Can you think of more activities to add to the list? More ideas are welcome!
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