Spanish, the lil girl’s tool for manipulation

girlIt has been challenging to deal with my youngest daughter.  She did not go through the terrible 2’s, or the tremendous 3’s.  But the 4’s are hitting hard. She is testing me in every area she can, but she happens to use Spanish as a tool to control me. Obviously in the process she refuses to hear, speak, and process Spanish, unless if it gives her leverage.  I think she has found how to control my negative reactions.

Here a few examples of what she is doing,

Is late at night and the blanket she uses to sleep is missing.

A:  Daddy, have you seen my blanky?

D: No, go and ask mommy.

A:  I hope she answers me in English, otherwise I will never going to find it.


Or, when she was told not to answer the phone.

ring, ring …little “A”  runs to get it,

Me: No, I will do it

“A” gets the phone and says:  hola me llamo A…

Me: give me the phone.

A: There you go, I just spoke Español.


Or while we were getting ready to read a book:

A: Does these characters speak English or Spanish?

Me:  Ambos, Ingles y Español

A: Can you make them speak in English?

While I was scolding her in Spanish she said: “I cannot hear you, you need to speak in English!”

Obviously she does not feel at ease speaking Spanish, and perhaps it is a bit hard to understand it.  But she knows how to use it to get my reactions.  I say, she is a very smart little lady, that knows how important Spanish is to me.

In any case is getting very interesting to train that little bilingual personality into a sweet little lady.  She is by far the sweetest bilingual rascal to me.

Have you ever had to deal with something like that?

Did you succeed?

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