Spanglish House

Hola! bienvenido a Spanglish-house.

Yes, we speak English, Spanish and very often Spanglish.  I supposed that is what you get when you mix races, languages and culture.   My husband is American (I call him Gringuito), I am Latina (he calls me cielita) … then we have a Spanglish-house.

I am Bolivian, so my first language is Spanish.  I learned to write and read in English back at home, while attending to school and waiting for life to happen.  I thought I was very at English until I came to live in the United States.  I suddenly got stroke with reality; I could read, I could write but my ears were still used to Spanish.  I had to improve my listening skills.  Improving my listening skills helped me to understand when talked to, and the hardest one, helped me to answer the phone.

I have an accent, that I called my *very special characteristic.  I think having an accent denotes bilingualism.  My Bolivian accent reminds me of who I am, and where I want to go.  I personally think that accents are beautiful.

I am a strong advocate for bilingualism, or multilingualism.   Not because I am from another country, but because learning another language allows you to break boundaries and misconceptions about other cultures.  If I could I would teach Spanish to everybody and show them how beautiful and diverse is the Hispanic culture.

Perhaps that is how this website was born. A house for English language and Spaniish language; a house for Hispanic and Spanish People;  and of course for English people that just love Hispanic culture, food and language.

So, you will find in this site information about Bicultural living in the United States, bilingual Education , bicultural cooking Homeschooling, really yummy recipes that combine multicultural life and Spanish & Latino Literature.

Bienvenido to my Spanglish House!  If you find spelling mistakes and grammar mistakes, please forgive me. Remember, I am learning as I go.





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  1. Hola!! So glad I discovered your Blog!! Mi nombre es Shauna y yo soy el creator of eNannylink a comprehensive Blog For All Things Childcare! I am Bi-racial African American/Hispanic (Puerto Rican) and love exposing the families and children I work with to the Cultura Latino y Africano Americano! Thank you for everything you do I am excited to share your website and posts to others! Gracias!

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