Some Americanized Spanish words that make my ears ache.

I hope I do not offend people with this post, but this is something that has been in my head for awhile.  Perhaps not being enough among Latinos did it, or perhaps the fact that I teach my kids all the time makes me want to teach them right.

With all of the above said I think that some Spanish words should not be Americanized at all,

Ganga, means “a good deal” in Spanish.  “Pandilla” is the word that describes a gang.   I have heard Hispanics in the States using the expression ganga instead of pandillas while speaking Español. A gang can not be a good deal!

Chores, means “trabajos u oficios”.  Hispanics use the word to describe pantalones cortos or short pants.

Troca, when refer to a truck.  The word is Camión or Camioneta.  Troca does not sound pretty.

Yarda,  is a standard unit to measure length.   Un patio is a yard in Spanish.

Aseguranza is not a Spanish word.  For instance the expression, “I work in the Insurance company” is usually said “Trabajo en la aseguranza”.  When the correct expression should be “Trabajo en la Compañía de Seguros”.

And I know it has to do with the Latino culture in the United States, but I also know I want my kids to learn Spanish correctly.

Am I a fanatic? Perhaps. What do you think?

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One thought on “Some Americanized Spanish words that make my ears ache.

  1. You’re not offending me, and that is also a pet peeve of mine! Troca, Yarda,
    Chore??? Really! It kills me every time I hear those “disparates” LOL I’m also with you about wanting your children to learn Spanish correctly. I laughed at each one of those words! Thanks for the laugh! Hasta luego. 🙂

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