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The Summer games are just around the corner.  The excitement is growing and the countdown has started.  My ten year old was 6 when the London Olympics occurred and he still remembers Queen Elizabeth entrance to the inauguration.   So much excitement, has served as a great platform for our Summer studies.  We have been talking about Discipline, Sports, Ancient History, Geography, and why not Diversity.  After all, the Olympic Games are the perfect excuse for healthy fun.

One of the groups that I have had the privilege to work with is the Multicultural Kids Blog group.  Their latest publication is a Summer Fun activity Olympic booklet.

MKB Olympics 1 (1)

Almost one hundred pages of history, geography, coloring pages, recipes and of course Olympic disciplines.

History, through a historical narrative of how the Olympic games came to be, and how they have evolved to today.

MKB Olympics 2

Sports, the package describes the disciplines the Olympic games will have.  It also has a chart that will allow the reader tally mark the number of medals each country will take.

This package has a geography approach through a description of the 10 most medaled nations.  It gives the reader the ability to know the geographical location, the flag and many more interesting facts about each country.

MKB Olympics 3

Famous Athletes, it also displays the most reknown athletes through history.  Taking in account, number of Olympics they have been part of and the medals they have conquered.MKB Olympics 4

Lastly and very yummily, there is recipes to make typical dishes from each country.

My kids and I are exploring the package as we countdown the days to the Olympics. I am planning to cook the recipes as we cheer up for our favorite countries and athletes.


This package is perfect for children 8 to 12, however my six year old had a blast coloring maps and listening to really interesting facts.

I believe this Olympics Unit Study is one of the best educative packages to learn while having fun.  Monica, Julie and Annabelle did an amazing job creating this booklet.

You can find this treasure at

This packet was created for Multicultural Kid Blogs, by member bloggers: Monica from Mommy Maestra, Julie from  Open Wide the World and Anabelle from  the piri-piri lexicon.

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