Poetry resources in Spanish

Somehow parents and teachers seem to be looking for poetry resources before Valentines, In April for the National Poetry month, during Mother’s Day, Father’s Day and any special date to celebrate.

Here is a list of poetry websites, that any bilingual (Español-English) family would like to have,

  • Cuentos, poesía y literatura latinoamericana en la Libreria Virtual de la Comunidad Andina de Naciones, I found 2 complete books, El Circo de Papel and  la Escuela de Fiesta, of the Bolivian Children’s Poet Oscar Alfaro. You can also find poems from different Latin American Countries, by country and author.
  • Poemas del Alma is an amazing website if you like poetry. It shares poetry from famous Latinamerican Poets such us, Pablo Neruda, Mario Benedetti, Octavio Paz, y more.
  • And if you like the Chilean Gabriela Mistral, you can take a pick of her books at Google books

Children’s Poetry

Poems for the Family links,

If you find more, please let me know to add them to the list. Gracias!

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