Pedestrian day, a good day to celebrate the Earth

If you have been in Bolivia, specially in big cities, like La Paz, Cochabamba or Santa Cruz.  Probably you can remember the crazy traffic, vendors everywhere,  noisy city, protests going on, routes blocked.  Chaos, chaos, more chaos, and lots of noise.  I suppose most of the cities in the world are very noisy.  However not many cities in the world stop all the traffic and chaos, so people can take the day off to enjoy the streets.  No work, no public transportation, no private cars allowed in the city.  Just people, families and friends on bikes, rolling skates, walking or simply playing on the streets. dia del peaton4

El Dia del Peaton or Pedestrian day was first celebrated int Cochabamba, 15 years ago. Since then, every year, three times a year the city opens the streets to people .  Not to protest but to enjoy walking, biking or perhaps just playing a sport.  The objective is to reduce car pollution and create environmental awareness.  This event has been so successful that now most of Bolivian cities stop a few times a year to celebrate the Earth through Dias del Peatón.

dia del peaton2dia del peaton

It would be so great to see more cities around the world stopping for just one day and making a conscious commitment to take care of the environment.  The comfort and dependency that society has created, does not allow people to move around and exercise.  And the electronic world has definitely taking away outdoor living.  Besides environmental issues, a Dia del Peaton would create awareness about car dependency, excess indoors activity,  and it will encourage people to just enjoy the day and the environment that is around.

While browsing about the subject I found activities for Spanish classrooms.  Jenny form Spanish Playground developed a Spanish lesson with the subject. I was very happy to see Bolivia featured in her site!

Would you promote el Dia del Peaton? Would you join people and enjoy outdoors?  Why don’t we all make a conscious effort to have more time outdoors and enjoy what is around us!

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