Parts of the Body

I have a very fun Spanish class. Every class the group waits for me in complete silence so they can yell, “Sorpresa!”.  I make sure to arrive at the class a little bit after them, so I can be surprised.

Last month, I decided to give them a surprise, we were going to learn Las partes del Cuerpo, and they were going to be my models. We traced their bodies on large pieces of paper and they had fun drawing themselves.

First, we talked about our bodies and learned the names of the parts en Español.

In a previous class we learned about la Cabeza, so we reviewed: los ojos, la nariz, la boca, las orejas y las cejas.

Then, my helper and I started to trace their bodies onto large sheets of paper. We divided them in boys and girls. And we were going to do one kid at a time. The student would lay down on the paper and we would trace the body and mention the names as we trace that part.

Something like this, “This is la cabeza (the head), el cuello (the neck), el hombro derecho (the right shoulder), el brazo derecho (the right arm), la mano derecha (the right hand), los dedos (fingers), el torax, la pierna derecha (the right leg), la rodilla derecha (the right knee), el pie derecho (the right foot) . Now we are going to trace el lado izquierdo (the left side), la pierna izquierda, el pie izquierdo, la rodilla izquierda, el torso, el brazo izquierdo, la mano izquierda, el codo izquierdo, el hombro izquierdo, el cuello y la cabeza”

We labeled the parts and said them aloud, they repeated.

After that, they drew la cara and pelo on the papers we traced their bodies on.

It took us 2 sessions to finish the lesson, since I stopped the activity to sing this song,

Cabeza, hombros, rodillas y pies,

rodillas y pies

rodillas y pies

Cabeza hombros, rodillas y pies

Manos que alzo al cielo!

They had to point at the body part and sing a long with me, we did it over and over and faster and faster.

Also, we sang the Hokey Pokey in Spanglish and they loved it!

El Hokey Pokey

 You put tu right mano in, you put tu right mano out,

You put tu right mano in, and you shake it all about,

You do the hokey pokey, and you turn yourself around
That what it’s all about.

2) Tu left mano 
3) tu right pie
4) tu left pie
5) cabeza 
6) espalda  
7) cuerpo 

I used the second session to talk about the clothing and I let them design the clothes for each model, I gave them a work sheet with the names of each clothing piece, so they can have it for vocabulary.

  • Did they learn? Oh yes they did!
  • Did they want to stop? No way.
  • Will we be singing the songs in the next classes? Oh yes we will, probably they will be singing it even after the year is over.
  • Will they forget las Partes del Cuerpo? Probably not.
  • Are they starting to love Español? I certainly hope they are, because it is the language of my heart.

Here are my children’s portraits, aren’t they awesome?

If you have more songs, activities, poems related to the lesson, please feel free to share.



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    • Hey, thank you for reading and commenting. They are K-1 kids, they are active, very active. So they need action to learn and they love it. I will visit your blog.

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