Pancake Man for Navidad

The idea of Pancake man in our home, came from the Little house on the Prairie Cookbook.  At first, I did not think much about it, since the recipe shows a picture of men hanging around the kitchen.  I honestly thought it was Mrs. Ingalls pancake recipe for the man in the house.



Once I read the recipe, I realized that I can shape the batter like a man, and I will have a pancake man!   I started to do that for my little ones.  And you know what? They loved it, and they are not tired of it!  What they love the most, is decorating the little man.

pancake man

pancake man

I put fun and healthy things to help their task, because decorating pancakes is work!.  Among the things that they use are: yogurt, berries, fruit, raisins, honey, maple syrup, leche condensada, dulce de leche  and even chocolate chips.

lightbulb-thChristmas Pancakes idea.-

During this Holidays I decided to take out the Christmas Cookie cutters and they can make Christmas pancakes!  Kids can decorate the piece, lick the spoons and eat every piece they decorate!  They think that decorating Christmas Pancakes is almost as fun as decorating Christmas Cookies.  The days I have Christmas Pancakes, breakfast time is very quite. 🙂 and fun!


Panqueques de NAvdad

Panqueques de Navdad

And before I forget, you can practice Spanish vocabulary with every shape you have.



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