Olimpiadas de Invierno – Sochi 2014

The Winter Olympic Games bring the perfect opportunity to teach your kiddos and students about so many subjects, like Geography, History, Social Studies and why not, use the opportunity to learn some Spanish.

I do not know much about Winter Sports, I grew up in the Andes mountains. But, in spite of the elevation and snow, Winter Sports are not practiced.  I suppose they are expensive and hard to afford. Anyway,  I was glad to see some Latin American countries represented.  I also learned that most of the discipline’s names are the same in Spanish.  That says a lot about who practices the Winter Sports the most.

¿Dónde serán?  En Sochi, Rusia

world map sochi

¿Cuándo serán?  Del 6 al 23 de Febrero del 2014.

calendario de feb pict

Here a little chart to help with the sports vocabulary


And of course activities to complement the lesson and enhance learning. Olimpiadas de Invierno 2014

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