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I asked my kids which one was their favorite project last year, and I got a list of everything we did.  I tried to think, which one was mine? Mmm, I could not point at just one, we have enjoyed most of them.

I love doing hands on stuff with my kids. BUT, I have to confess, I do not like big messes and out of control kids, especially when we are learning.  I used to teach messy class to Pre-k kids in our small co-op and I did not like the beans bin at all.  It was messy and it would produce wild kids. It made me feel that they were learning to make messes and guess who got to clean the mess.

The reality is that as a home school family we are doing projects  all the time, and hands on stuff that bring results. I guess they learn as we go in a daily basis.  I want my kids to enjoy and love life. See learning as something natural and captivating.

As I make bread, the kiddos are around me learning math, chemistry and cooking. The little ones get their play-doh time as they knead the dough. The kitchen for children needs to be seen as a big laboratory where they get to combine, mix and produce yummy and not so yummy products.  The chemist are the kids.

The Garden is another big time Science opportunity.   I grew up in a city 13 000 feet above the sea level in the Andes. I did not have the opportunity to see a seed produce a plant, and a plant produce a fruit and the fruit to be processed for future consumption.  Yes, we are Farmers first and become Industrial Engineers! And, even though the Senior does the dangerous stuff; the Juniors help in the initial process and labeling of the jars or freezing bags.

Outdoors and summer are such a big thing for kiddos, they love looking for treasures (historic treasures),  exploring, taking pictures, spying in birds and the best, writing their own notes.

For our Science, we specially like the Apologia books that have really cool stuff to make, and an easy but not too basic explanation for the kids. This Summer we keep learning from flying creatures of the fifth day.

With daddy they do other stuff a little bit more adventurous, like Bible, launching rockets, volcanoes and astronomy.  They love building stuff in Daddy’s shop.  My boys made me a lamp last year from a tree that was knocked down by a Derecho storm.   It was my Christmas present and it will be treasured for ever in my heart and on my night table.

I have come to the conclusion that my kids are my favorite project.  I think it is important to give importance to everything we do and to every effort they do!


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5 thoughts on “My favorite homeschool project

  1. What a lovely post – and that lamp your kids made you is stunning! One of my favorite things about homeschooling is that life is the classroom as you mention here.

  2. Thanks so much for participating in the carnival! I love that your kids are your favorite project, guess what? My kids are my favorite project too. I love having them do all kinds of fun cooking and experiments with me in the kitchen, even though I dont always like the mess! We just moved from an apartment and are looking forward to having our first garden next year but for now our new house is near a nice little Community Garden that we are getting to go and get produce from each week, we didnt get to plant it but my daughter and I love going each week and seeing how much the plants have grown from the previous week!

  3. Que bueno! I agree 100%, Our kids should totally be our favorite project!

    My oldest son loves getting in the kitchen to mix all kinds of smoothies. He gets a kick out of how they turn out: color, taste, texture, smell. He’s like the mad scientist of our (tiny) kitchen.

    Garden – is another story. We currently have 3 papaya trees in the back yard about 3 feet high. We have yet to see a single fruit. Be we continue to try.

    Thank you for the reminder of all the ways real learning takes place.

    Do you all still do co-op?

  4. wow Cecy, what a heart felt post. I love when you say that your kids are your favorite homeschool project. So true, so true.

    All those things that you do are wonderful – and great projects of adventure and learning. We also have planted a garden – and are learning how a seed turns into a plant and a plant produces a fruit. It’s quite fun even when it doesn’t work out (I know from experience). There is always something fun and interesting to learn.

    Thanks so much for sharing and for participating in the Homeschool Blog Carnival. It’s so fun to see what everybody is doing.

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