My beautiful La Paz

When people learned that my family lives in La Paz Bolivia, I receive comments like: “How high are you guys?” or, “Do not let professional teams play soccer in Bolivia right?”  Or better yet, Bolivia is the country with 2 Capitals right?

Yes La Paz is in the Highplanes, the Andes.  At an elevation of 3600 meters above see level (some places higher).   Yes, La Paz Stadium was vetoed by FIFA, since it is above 2500 masl.  And yes, Bolivia has 2 Capitals, the official Capital is Sucre, but the administrative Capital is La Paz.

Oh Linda La Paz, quien te conoce no olvida jamás!  It means, Oh beautiful La Paz, whoever knows you, will never forget you.

This slide show will present why I consider La Paz, one of the most unique places in the world.


vetoed by FIFA Soccer Stadium

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Vetoed Stadium in La Paz

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