Me llamo Cecy, ¿Cómo te llamas?

My first lessons for my Spanish Students is about learning to say their names in Spanish. As I was preparing my lesson I made myself this question, “Do names have a translation?” The answer is no, because people’s names are proper names. Proper names in people identify a particular person.  So, if my mom called me Margarita, I will be Margarita here, there and everywhere.  What is more, if I were to translate Margarita to English, it would be Daisy not Margaret.  Can you see what I am saying?

So I must look for the equivalent of a name in another language. Here a short list of equivalent of English – Spanish names.

Men   names Women names
Alexander – Alejandro
April – Abril
Alfred – Alfredo Anna – Ana
Anthony – Antonio Barbara – Barbara
Charles/Charlie   – Carlos Dorothy – Dora
Christopher –   Cristóbal Elizabeth – Elisabet
Daniel – Danilo Ellen – Elena
David – David Eliza – Elisa
Doug – Diego Eve – Eva
Edward – Eduardo Grace – Gracia
George – Jorge Helen – Elena
Henry – Enrique Hope – Esperanza
James – Jaime Lorraine – Lorena
John – Juan Margaret – Margarita
Jonathan – Jonatán Mary – Maria
Joseph – Jose Natalie – Natalia
Mark – Marco Patricia – Patricia
Michael – Miguel Rachel – Raquel
Peter – Pedro Rose – Rosa
Richard – Ricardo Roxanne – Rosana
Robert – Roberto Sarah – Sara
Stephen – Esteban Sonya – Sonia
Thomas – Tomás Susan – Susana
William – Guillermo Violet – Violeta

I am Cecilia everywhere. But I must say pretty much everybody calls me Cecy. Some people say it Cece others Cesy.

Y tu, ¿Cómo te llamas?


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