Love and discipline for the bilingual journey

2017 is finally here!  I almost feel like I am living in the future  My kids are growing, life is changing.  Another page got flipped and it must be written so at the end of this year I will be able to read the story.  Am I going to write that story in Spanish or English?  It will be a bilingual story, that reflects a journey of bicultural living, bilingualism,  hope, of adventures and hopefully lots of work done.  I have chosen two words for my voyage this year, love and discipline.  Amor y disciplina.

madreLove, to my family, the people I come across, and the work I do.  Love to pass along my culture, my language and bless people in need.  Love enough what I do, that there is not any obstacle that might make me stop.   Taking bilingualism as a voyage has become so much easier and more fun than setting our goals one year at a time.  That goal called fully bilingual, will be reflected in the love of the Language that my children have acquired and are acquiring every day.  Perhaps, in a few years, I will be smiling at my kids fussing at their own children’s Spanish proficiency.  I think a journey full of love, makes the trip much more fun.  No fuzz no rush, just an enjoyable journey.

Discipline to endure what the year brings, just keep going.  Stop to take a break, but being disciplined enough to not give up.  Discipline to not stop even when we don’t feel like traveling.  Yes, we just do it every day wheather we like it or not,  with out even thinking. The second language is in our routines, our tongues, our brains, our culture.  In other words, discipline enough to take bilingualism as part of what we are.

I have learned to give smaller steps, but full of strength. Love and discipline can make 2017 the best year.  One step at a time, one page at a time I want to be able to read the best story ever.

Do you have a goal or a word for this year?



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