Los Pollitos

I am sure you have heard Los Pollitos Dicen song.  It is a very popular song in Latin America.  That is the song my kids and I started to sing while our only hen took care of his future 2 babies. About 3 weeks ago.

Last week, while we were on vacation, one egg hatched, and a beautiful black pollito was born!

All the excitement reminded me of a short story and booklet I made a few months ago and I had it nicely stored in my PC.  Well I suppose it is time to give it to you, before is too late!


Click on the picture to get the PDF version.

los pollitos dicen

The story will allow your bilingual learner to,

  • Color
  • Learn Spanish verbs, like dormir, decir, comer, tener, buscar
  • Make a pollito and a gallina stick puppets.
  • Work on Spanish Vocabulary while solving the cross word puzzle.
  • And of course sing

Here is a little video that goes with the song.

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