It’s Our Garden! Book review and Giveaway

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I love Gardening!  There is so much to learn, and to teach while gardening!  And I know not everybody has the ability to garden.  I did not do it until I came to the States.  Lack of knowledge, lack of space, weather conditions, altitude and city life influenced my lack of interest.  However, I married a green dreamer, that loves life and healthy food.  Eleven years after tying the knot I have learned to play with dirt and learn from it.  I wish everybody could stop and play with dirt while gardening!

You can imagine how thrilled I was when I learned of School Gardens.  They are more common in the West Coast of the USA.  I think every school, private or public should have some kind of garden and make it a community project.

George Ancona in his picture book  “It’s our Garden” illustrates one of this amazing schools.  He spent a whole year in the Acequia Madre School, in Santa Fe – New Mexico witnessing the hands on the project, to later write this wonderful picture book.

its our garden

From Choosing the seeds, preparing the soil, releasing butterflies in the summer to harvesting in the fall and finally protecting the beds for the winter.  He registered in pictures how the community gets involved in the Garden.  What a wonderful experience, isn’t it?   

This Non Fiction Candlewick book is also finalist for the International Latino Book Awards, to be held in in Las Vegas in June as part of the ALA Conference.

The Giveaway.-

I have the book on display in our Librería, that links you to Amazon.   However, I am happy to host a book giveaway (2 copies) raffle drawing.

You only have to leave a comment and tell me why you want this great book.  You can also comment on my Facebook page. The winners will be chosen on May 23rd.  Thanks for participating!

Note- To be part of the giveaway you must be 18 years or older and live in the United States or Canada.


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