Ideas to spent Dia de los niños with your kiddos


I grew up celebrating children’s day!  Bolivia does it every April 12th.  However the united States started to do it in 1996, after author Pat Mora decided to celebrate Children and Literacy every April 30th  This is exactly what I found about the celebration on line,

El día de los niños/El día de los libros (Children’s Day/Book Day), is a celebration every day of children, families, and reading that culminates yearly on April 30. The celebration emphasizes the importance of advocating literacy for children of all linguistic and cultural backgrounds. As celebrated by libraries and librarians, Día is an enhancement of Children’s Day, a celebration which took hold in 1925 following the World Conference for the Well-being of Children in Geneva, Switzerland as a day to bring attention to the importance and well-being of children. 

The United States compared to other countries has been blessed with great resources to bring up children.  I think there is more than enough physical resources that allow American children to have better opportunities in life. However, I think that going back to the simplicity in life and returning to the essentials is what is mostly needed.

I have been thinking in how to celebrate this day, without having to spend money, but instead giving them time and a good example, and I decided to,

  • Let them know that they are being celebrated.
  • Let them know that the Holiday was created many years ago (1952) by the Organization of American States (OEA in Spanish) and UNICEF, to set Children’s rights.  The purpose was to bring awareness of children’s mistreatment around the world.
  • Let them know that they are blessed to live in this society.  In spite of the problems, children in the States have rights that are respected.
  • Read articles about children that need help around the world.
  • Sign up with Compassion International, so we can start sponsoring a Bolivian kid.  Perhaps one day, we get to meet him or her.
  • Take some books to my little Mexican friend.  She is just four and her parents do not speak Spanish.  She will be thrilled to receive the bilingual books.
  • Go to the library and get books for them!  After all is a literacy day.
  • Read poetry to them, that talks about children, love and family.
  • Perhaps at the end of the day, we might watch a movie while eating popcorn.

I know this will be a special day for all. How about you, do you celebrate the Holiday? 

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