Gracias the Thanksgiving Turkey

This past week I found a great book in our local library, “Gracias – The Thanksgiving Turkey”.


Things I like about the book:

  • It is a Thanksgiving book.
  • It shows diversity
  • It has vocabulario en Español
  • It is really funny.

The story is about Miguel, an Hispanic boy who gets a present from his daddy, a live Turkey.  His daddy works as a long-haul trucker, and he will be home with his family for Thanksgiving.   Miguel takes special care of the Turkey, to the point of considering him an Amigo.  The boy tries to reach his father in time to spare Gracias’  life.   The suspense builds until Gracias follows Miguel to church, and gets a blessing from the Priest! The grandparents are very supportive and Tia Rosa is very realistic. The Turkey ends up in the Thanksgiving dinner but not in the way it was expected.

Vocabulary From the book:

  • Tía                Aunt
  • Abuela         Grandmother
  • Abuelo         Grandfather
  • Amiga          Friend (female)
  • Amigo          Friend (Male)
  • Amigos         Friends
  • Gracias        Thank you
  • Hijo              Son
  • La Misa        Mass
  • Loco             Crazy
  • Lo siento      I am sorry
  • Mamá           Mother
  • Padre           Father (priest)
  • Papá            Father
  • Pobre niño   Poor Boy
  • Salsa           Sauce
  • Sí                 Yes
  • Qué problema!      What a problem!

Some teachers use the book to encourage writing skills, which is a great idea because you do want to predict how does Miguel’s father react when he sees the turkey at the Thanksgiving Table.

I read it to my children, they loved it. I read it to my students they laughed with it.  If you are looking for a fun book to read, this is a good one.


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