Fútbol (Soccer) Birthday Party

I am not a big let’s theme your Birthday party person, I want my kids to live above trends.  However, my kids got very excited to follow the results of the World Cup.  We did not follow the whole thing, but we watched a few games here and there.   I suppose enough games to want to celebrate their Birthday playing Fútbol.

We all worked together making a Piñata (a huge pelota de Fútbol).  I baked cupcakes (panquequitos) that we all decorated them together and placed them as a Pelota de fútbol.  And of course we also had a Chocolate Soccer Field.

I think it was the most buena, bonita y barata Fiesta de Cumpleaños I ever organized.  The best was to see the kids working by me and with me.

Here are a few pictures,

La Piñata


  It was quite funny to find the sequence for the pentagons.

Los panquequitos

cake ball

La cancha de Juego (Soccer Field)

soccer field

It was not perfectly done, but it was children made and everybody loved it.

This one is my favorite picture! 031

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