From citadina to campesina

Yes, citadina is a city girl and campesina is a country girl.  Until July 27th,  2003 I was a city girl.  I lived in La Paz- Bolivia and worked for Zurich Corporation.  I left Bolivia, not to look for more opportunities, I had them all there.  I just followed my heart, my boy was not a city boy.

I came to the States to live in the country in Virginia,  At first I was in shock, I wanted New York, city!  Not really, I missed the noise, the traffic and the ability to move around the city without relying on my own driving.

These are things that changed in my life. Some are pretty funny.

  • My closest neighbor is a field away, not a wall away.
  • I make lists, I do not know if motherhood or living in the country did it.
  • I do not take taxis or minibuses or micros, I have to drive.
  • I wave to people that drive by my house.  Between us, I thought that was weird ten years ago.
  • I can recognize the pio pio (chirp) of different birds.
  • I do not look at my clock as my verdugo, but as a friend.
  • I love playing with dirt. I love my vegetable garden and my little vineyard.
  • I can pet cows and hens, without panicking.  I still respect Mr. Rooster though.
  • I am used to the many creatures and smells that can affect a city girl. Such us, skunks, manure, snakes, spiders, fox, bats, just to name a few.  As an example, I do not use tongues to harvest tomatoes anymore, I just shoo the spiders.
  • I can and preserve my food. I am a bit obsessive about it.
  • I do not dress formal anymore unless necessary.

I guess that qualifies me as a campesina right?  I love it though, sometimes my flesh longs for the city and my spirit loves the Country.  Life has taught me a lot, especially to be flexible.  No matter where I am or what I have to do, I just do it.

Here a picture of my favorite spot taken over by country living friends.  Ten years ago I would have chased them away, yesterday I run to get the camera instead.


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