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Me cayó como un balde de agua Fría! Is an expression in Spanish that denotes surprise.  I suppose a bucket of cold water poured on your head definitely sparks surprise.  And that is what it has been the Ice Bucket challenge – A campaign that started to raise awareness about ALS, and support former baseball player, Pete Frates’ cause, has been a huge and successful SURPRISE.  There are three factors that are important to consider in this campaign: the challenge, the givers and the bucket of water. 

About the challenge.- If I had to say something after living in the States for more than ten years, it would be that Americans -no matter the race, status or social class- take challenges and make things happen.  Americans are not just dreamers, but doers.  That is where the expression “getting the american dream comes from”.  Americans just do it.  They just make it happen!

About Americans.-  Most Americans are givers.  Whether quietly or on social media.  Americans are always helping the needy  It is part of the culture, it is part of their nature.  It is part of the system, since donations are tax deductible.

About the Water.-  There has been a lot of talking about this issue.  Jason Ruiz for the Long Beach Post drafted a quick breakdown of how much potable water is being used in the challenge:

To put the waste this campaign has caused into simple terms, let’s just assume everyone is using a five gallon bucket. Now multiply that number by the more than 1.2 million videos shared on Facebook since June 1. Based on that assumption (5 x 1,200,000), over 6 million gallons of water have been poured out in the name of Lou Gehrig’s Disease. The average American household uses 320 gallons per day, which means that based on this estimation, nearly 19,000 homes’ daily water usage has been wasted. And that’s not even taking into account that videos posted online often depict multiple people, sometimes even entire sororities or fraternities, taking part in the ice bucket challenge, often using more than one bucket per video.

I confess, I was amazed by how much water was and is being used in this challenge.  Just one bucket at a time.

Think in all the people in need of water around the world.  If all the people would pay for the amount of water they are using to support the challenge, perhaps many people in Africa could be blessed with wells.  Would it not be like killing two birds with one stone?  The ones that took the challenge, would be giving awareness about ALS and giving a slight contribution to a water well project.  And the ones that did not take the challenge could write a check to ALS and still bring awareness and help such an important cause.

In my case this is what I am doing, I am going to take a virtual challenge.

Virtual water bucket challenge

And support my friends from project helpful Awassa in Ethiopia.  Just take virtual challenge and donate to this project.

Here is a video about the impact that a well can do in this African community.

Click here if you want to be challenged and give your donations.



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