Favorite Gadgets for a Latino household

Do you recognize this guy?


Yes! Inspector Gadget.  Although, he was not one of my favorite superheroes, I watched a few of Inspector Gadget’s episodes. In my Spanish childish mind, Inspector Gadget was his name.  The word Gadget was a last name.  It really was not a representative of the word.   As far as I was concerned, Gadget did not mean anything.  It never occurred to me that gadget means dispositive.  Now I think back, he was the man with all the tools, with all the gadgets.

Living the states I learned the meaning of that word.  Suddenly it made sense, the why of his name.  Gadget was not only a last name, but also it had a meaning.  I also learned that inspector Gadget and my dad had many things in common.  Being one of them the gadgets.  My dad loved gadgets.  He also made sure to have the latest ones at home.  It sure helped to make life easier.  And every process faster.  Now that I am the fairy lady at home, and makes many thngs possible for my kiddos,  Gadgets have become a must have at home.

I do not have all the Gadgets at the tip of my hands, or popping out of my hat. But I have them on my counter or in closets, where I can easily get them.  So here are my favorite gadgets that help me to keep my Latino heritage..

My empanada maker, is one of my favorite ones.  specially because I can even make churros for my kids.  The best I do not have to fry them. For some recetas I have shared in the past click here.. .

The cons, Even though the food is not as greasy as if it were fried, it takes a little longer to make two empanadas at a time.  It also makes just 6 Churros at a time.

However, writing this article I just found this other one that makes four empanadas at a time.

Coffee Espresso Pot, I know Americans love their coffee.  Well Latinos love our cafecito (that sometimes is very strong), and if we want it suavecito, our Café con Leche.  And my best friend the Espresso Pot makes the very best coffee ever.

I cannot think of any cons.  Perhaps in my case I need to buy a bigger Espresso Pot.  In that way I can make bigger quantities at once.  

Tortilla Maker.-  Making tortillas was a very new thing for me.  I did not grew up eating Tortillas.  So hand making them was absolutely unknown.  I used to buy them until my sister in-law let me borrow hers.  It was electric and following a very simple recipe I could make my tortillas in almost no time.

Of course I had to return her machine after falling in love with it.  My husband thought that perhaps we should buy one that can be used on the stove or on fire.  He was thinking in having tortillas even while camping.

He bought this pretty cool gadget, I think they call it Pataconera? If you know the name please let me know.
The cons, it is all cast iron and it can get pretty hot.  You need to protect your hands.  In my case, since my husband pushed to buy this gadget, he gets to cook the tortilla shells.  After all, no hay mal que por bien no venga.

This three gadgets, help me to pass along my culture through my favorite antojos.  Life is good and passing our heritage can make it better.

PS. This gadgets make great gifts.

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