Fall Alphabet, A bucket of ideas for Autumn

It has been chilly here, and kids have been sick, not to mention this Spanglish mamá has been fighting one or 2 bugs in the last month.  Nevertheless  Autumn is a beautiful season to teach Spanish, so many things to do, so many colors to see, so much work to do preparing for winter. And of course, so many Spanish lessons that come with this season.

Here a few ideas,.

  • Seasons.  Otoño, Invierno, Primavera y Verano
  • Colores, just look up the trees and learn colors
  • Harvest time, with frutas y vegetales.
  • Contamos, Count the days to Christmas, one day at a time and you will teach your kid to count to 60.
  • Ropa.- When you change your kids closets, do it with them. And do not forget to name each and every piece of clothing. Believe it or not, it works.
  • Learn about the Esqueleto, and making calacas.
  • Altar on November 1st.
  • Disfraces en Halloween!

Thinking how to put all these ideas in one neat thing, and of course with “ABC’s” in me head I came across this great website for maestras de primaria. They had beautiful letras de Otoño.  Using this wonderful resource I design an Alfabeto de Otoño, that is part of the Alphabet Spanish lesson!

You can cut the pieces and make it a memory game! Or it can be used as a bucket of ideas to do with your kids this Autumn.


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