The beginning

Hi, I am Cecy, and I have been in the States almost 10 years.

My first language is Español, I learned to write and read in English back at home, while attending to college. I came to the States after marrying and American Missionary. Then, the real thing started, learning to speak English, understand it when talked to, and the hardest one, answering the phone.

I did not ever think about homeschooling my kids, I did not have a clue of what was all about. Back at home you have 2 options, public school or private school. I was fortunate enough to attend to a private German School, in which I learned some German and English, and I started to like English better.

To make the story fast , I met my better half in 2002, got married in 2003 and left a profesional career and life back in Bolivia. Perhaps  I wanted to find my American dream, but instead I think I found God’s dream for my life,

Well, ….. after 10 years, here I am mothering 4 little ones, 3 school age and 1 training age. Fast growing family huh? It is not easy, I like to call it adventurous, and you know what?  I love it!

So, you will find in this site information about how a Spanish speaking lady is homeshooling  her sons and daughters in English, without forgetting Spanish as their second language.  And, of course and mostly used through the day, Spanglish.

You also will find Spanish literature resources I use and recommend.  I have been blessed with parents that send me a lot of things for my children from home. Things like books, clothes, food and Bolivian stuff that definitely help to relate to the Latino side of the family.

You will find dynamics, like work stations and Cecy’s restaurant,  that I use through the day in order not to just survive, but also to train up my kids in the way they  should go.

Please, feel free to write and share your own adventure and give me your advise. It will be greatly appreciated.

Well, welcome to my Spanglish house!  If you find spelling mistakes and grammar mistakes, please forgive me. Remember, I am learning as I go, I am just a Vessel in my Father’s Hands.



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