Creating Christmas memories with a signature

Bicultural living, can be sometimes frustrating.  In our acquired culture we have to do things different of what we were used to. Whether we like it or not, our first culture becomes weaker compared with the surrounding influence.  Language is different, food is different, habits are different and at the end of the day the saying. “Donde estuvieras, haz lo que vieras” becomes true.   With all and all, I always try to put a little  bit of me, and my Bolivia in everything I do.  Perhaps when the kids get older we can do una Noche Buena from a regular Christmas Eve.

For now, let me tell you how I put my signature into my kiddos Christmas.


The first Christmas as a married couple,  I bought two bear ornaments for our very first tree.  I felt that the ornaments needed my signature.  So, I crocheted little sweaters for them.  A white and a red sweater.


A Star,

A few years later, our Christmas tree needed a Star.  Our Star!  So I hand made one.  I got the idea from a book at our Local Library.  It was very easy!  The best was that three little ones were able to help in the making of our star.  Thick paper, glue and glitter did the job, and three little smiles made the star shine brighter.


Christmas Stockings

From some fabric I brought from Bolivia,  I made Christmas stockings for the family.  They are not fancy.  They are burlap, rustic, personalized socks.   They are beautiful, because they have our family signature.



I made a beautiful wreath from our hand prints.


More Ornaments,

Last year and without any luck, I went to Michaels looking for the same type of bears I had found years ago for my hubby and I.   I wanted to represent a bear family.  Almost around the same time,  my mommasmilies friend happened to post these very cute bears, with a tutorial.


I made them smaller and I got them dressed for the ocassion. They are a still a bit bigger than the ones I originally bought, but it is ok.   They still represent my family!


Perhaps I am not passing a fully Bolivian tradition to my kiddos, but I am giving them for sure love, memories and lots of lessons to remember.


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