Cranberry Christmas, a TOS review

Do you like Cranberries?   Cranberries are one of the healthiest native American products in the world.   Cranberries in Spanish are called Arandanos Agrios,  Yes Cranberries are very bitter if you eat the fruit alone.  But if that fruit is properly prepared, cooked or baked, my goodness they are yummy!   South America has not been blessed with this goodies, however, it is always good to know that while visiting South America, I can still find Canned Cranberry Sauce in any South American Supermarket.

Anticipating this Holiday season, I was very happy to review Cranberry Christmas, an.E-book published by the Old School House Magazine.  This fun E-book, is a compilation of history, stories, recipes, poems and art activities that can be enjoyed with your family while preparing for this Holiday Season.

cranberry Christmas

This book is recommended for the entire family.  Small Children (3 and up) can be delighted with the stories and the cooking; while older children do the hands on learning through poetry, games, crafts, recipes and history.  The book presents the stories, recipes and history in a fun way. The sequence of the book, makes the experience fun and easy to follow.

The Stories, the book has three sweet Cranberry Christmas stories that can be read aloud and shared with the whole family.  The first story left my children wondering about Christmas and wanting to use fresh Cranberries during this coming Holidays.  It also created expectation for the rest of the book.

The Season of the Cranberry, it is a wonderful resource to teach the children about the origin and cultivation of Cranberries.  My family is from up North, and we have a Cranberry Scoop as a magazine holder.  It was nice to imagen how scoops like that can be use today while harvesting Cranberries.

Healthy Art with Cranberries.-  The book also highlights alternative use of the berry, in Art and Health issues.   The links provided by the e-book, bring a lot of information for the reader.   After learning all the potential uses of the cranberry. who wants to use artificial colorants?  The best of all, I can buy the cranberries now and freeze them for when I need to use them.

The Poems, two short poems can definitely enhance the Season.  I am using them as handwriting and memorization  material for my children .  It was also fun to translate the poems and try to think them in Spanish.

The Recipes, I love cooking from scratch and this book provides really yummy recipes and links to make more Cranberry dishes. The recipes are perfect for children to follow, of course under adult supervision.  Home-made Sweet Rolls, Cranberry Sauce, Cranberry Juice and Cranberry Relish will be cooked with the children to be enjoyed with my family during the coming holidays

Table Decorations, are just the little detail that make a family Holiday special.  The e-book provides with Cranberry Place Holders, Cranberry Napkin Rings and great ideas to decorate with Cranberries.

We started reading the poems, solving the puzzles and working on place holders for our guests on Thanksgiving day.


Perhaps we will be cooking next week and working on table arrangements.

How are we liking the book so far?  We are really enjoying it! It definitely brought more fun to our homeschool adventure.

Do we recommend it?  Yes we do, it is always fun to do some hands on learning while anticipating a Holiday.


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