Crab apple Juice and Jam

My sweet neighbor Sarah stopped by with a bag full of Crab Apples.  I was very touched by her kindness, she was also kind enough to email me the how to cook them.

Crab apples are wild Apples, in Spanish the fruit is known as Manzano Silvestre.


The fruit is so small that you pretty much have to work with the whole fruit.  You do not need to pear them or core them.  Wash the fruit thoroughly and trim the ends.  Get your clean glass containers ready for the apples.  I used 4 half a gallon mason jars.DSCN0889

Fill half of each jar with the apples and pour boiling water on them.  Apples need to be submerged completely in water. Put 1 tsp of Fruit Fresh into the jar to keep the color nice and bright. 

Screw the lids to the jars and let it stand for 24 hours.

You will see the liquid changing color, the apples floating around the jar, going up and down.  And finally you will have a very yummy red and sweet juice in the jars.DSCN0951

I strained the fruit together with six cups of juice to make jam.  And the rest of the juice was warmed up and sweetened with sugar.

It was so good and easy to make!  It makes the perferct punch if  you mix it with Ginger Ale.



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