Demolición, New Book en Español and Giveaway


Demolición is SALLY SUTTON’S tribute to the big machines that tear things down. Candlewick Press makes it available en Español! The book is perfect for little boys  and girls (preschool age), that like heavy machines and demolition work. From the huge crane with a swinging ball to the toothy jaws that ram the walls, this fun book is guaranteed…
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Poetry resources in Spanish


Somehow parents and teachers seem to be looking for poetry resources before Valentines, In April for the National Poetry month, during Mother’s Day, Father’s Day and any special date to celebrate. Here is a list of poetry websites, that any bilingual (Español-English) family would like to have, Cuentos, poesía y literatura latinoamericana en la Libreria Virtual…
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Gracias the Thanksgiving Turkey

This past week I found a great book in our local library, “Gracias – The Thanksgiving Turkey”.


Things I like about the book:

  • It is a Thanksgiving book.
  • It shows diversity
  • It has vocabulario en Español
  • It is really funny.

The story is about Miguel, an Hispanic boy who gets a present from his daddy, a live Turkey.  His daddy works as a long-haul trucker, and he will be home with his family for Thanksgiving.   Miguel takes special care of the Turkey, to the point of considering him an Amigo.  The boy tries to reach his father in time to spare Gracias’  life.   The suspense builds until Gracias follows Miguel to church, and gets a blessing from the Priest! The grandparents are very supportive and Tia Rosa is very realistic. The Turkey ends up in the Thanksgiving dinner but not in the way it was expected.

Vocabulary From the book:

  • Tía                Aunt
  • Abuela         Grandmother
  • Abuelo         Grandfather
  • Amiga          Friend (female)
  • Amigo          Friend (Male)
  • Amigos         Friends
  • Gracias        Thank you
  • Hijo              Son
  • La Misa        Mass
  • Loco             Crazy
  • Lo siento      I am sorry
  • Mamá           Mother
  • Padre           Father (priest)
  • Papá            Father
  • Pobre niño   Poor Boy
  • Salsa           Sauce
  • Sí                 Yes
  • Qué problema!      What a problem!

Some teachers use the book to encourage writing skills, which is a great idea because you do want to predict how does Miguel’s father react when he sees the turkey at the Thanksgiving Table.

I read it to my children, they loved it. I read it to my students they laughed with it.  If you are looking for a fun book to read, this is a good one.



Book Club Invitation

Multicultural Kid Blogs Book Club

I am so excited to be part of Multicultural Kid Blogs Book Club!    I get to read good books, discuss them and share opinions and point of view with others, including the author.  It will make this experience more meaningful yet.

We are starting with Bilingual is Better by Ana Flores and Roxana Soto.

 You can read the full schedule and how you can get involved.

It would involve weekly post with reflections on the chapter of the week, and thought-provoking questions

– Do you want to join us?  Read along and join the conversation as we talk about topics shaping the future of our multicultural families and our our world.



La vida de un niño en los andes a must read for Spanish immersion

Daria is one of the favorite multicultural artist I have.  Her talent is shown not only in the diversity of music she produces and performs, but also in the books she writes.  I had the privilege to review one of her latest electronic books.  A child’s life in the Andes.

I particularly enjoyed studying the book with my children this summer, not only because it describes life in The Andes (my beloved mountains). But also, because it opens a window of rich knowledge for my kids. Is an e-book that can easily be used to immerse your kids in The Andes culture.

The book describes, in a very fun way the life that Quechua country children have. It allows the reader to put together geography, sociology and art.  Yes Art, through music! Musica del Altiplano!. Each song has a little explanation that allows the reader to understand the lyrics and get more into the culture, there is even some songs translated into English!

Even though we live in the country and eat food from the Andes in a regular basis, my kids were able to see where the food that Nana Pochita sends us originated from; how different life from country people from the Andes is, and how blessed Quechua people are in so many different ways.

The e-book also have coloring pages with animals from the region and musical instruments. And the best, it has instructions to make your very own Andes Instruments.  This section was particularly enjoyed by my boys, and my girls loved the stuffed animal parade!.

Here a few pictures of our Immersion in the Andes studies,

This e-book is perfect for classroom use or as a homeschooling/home study resource as well!

Activities Include:

Make Your Own Panpipes
Make Your Own Rainstick
Stuffed Animal Parade (Corrido De Cuy)

Chapters In The Book Include:

About The Songs
About The Instruments
A Child’s Daily Life
Animals In The Andes
Foods In The Andes
Languages Of The Andes (Spanish and Quechua)

Coloring Pages Include:

Charango (stringed instrument)
Zampoñas (panpipe)
Chapchas (rattle)
Bombo (drum)

The cd of music is available from Itunes and Amazon mp3.  The cd plus book combination can be purchased from TPT or from DARIAs Little Village Store at the links below:




List of Poetry Resources en Español

Somehow April is a month that brings poetry at first sight!

In Honoria Perez Marin words, we could say,

Son los árboles tesoros

que en la tierra puso Dios,

grandes bienes para el hombre

que para él aseguró.

I like poetry, I used it with my kids. It helps them to enjoy beauty, to memorize, to speak, to increase vocabulary, to understand the language better and to think among other benefits.

Here is a list of poetry websites, that any bilingual (Español-English) family would like to have,

  • Cuentos, poesía y literatura latinoamericana en la Libreria Virtual de la Comunidad Andina de Naciones, I found 2 complete books, El Circo de Papel and  la Escuela de Fiesta, of the Bolivian Children’s Poet Oscar Alfaro. You can also find poems from different Latin American Countries, by country and author.
  • Poemas del Alma is an amazing website if you like poetry. It shares poetry from famous Latinamerican Poets such us, Pablo Neruda, Mario Benedetti, Octavio Paz, y more.
  • And if you like the Chilean Gabriela Mistral, you can take a pick of her books at Google books

Children’s Poetry

Poems for the Family links,

Please, if you have more links or information let me know we can add more resources.