Lecciones aprendidas de la copa mundial

lessons from the wc

Cuando te conviertes en madre, cada cosa que pasa se convierte en lección para nuestros hijitos.  De repente queremos enseñarles todo y de todo, y hasta la mínima experiencia se convierte en una oportunidad. La Copa Mundial de Fútbol no fué la excepción, como familia vimos algunos partidos, exploramos un poco de Geografía, hicimos matemáticas y por…
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Summer Reading Bookmark en Español

bookmark 1

Reading has become a central activity in our home.  The kids specially look forward to Reading Programs we follow during our Summer vacation.  This year, we are doing the program at our local library and the Latinos 4 Latino Literature Summer Reading. They specially like the fact that they can include their Spanish / Latino literature…
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World cup is ending and here is a present for you

A few weeks ago I presented an activity book to parctice Spanish while following the World Cup.  This book was designed for elementary school children.

The world cup is ending and I know many kids will be still living it, even after is all over.  That is why I am giving you the chance to download the booklet straight from my website.  Perhaps the June calendar may be past but you can still use the July calendar.

I hope you enjoy it.


Mundial 2014


La Vida de un Niño en Los Andes, a read around the world Summer series Reader

This has been one of my kid’s favorite books.  They read it last Summer, they will read it and do the activities this Summer because is always fun to explore, “La Vida de Un Niño en Los Andes”. La vida de un Nino en los andes This e-book also contains music from the Andes. The CD of music is available from Itunes and Amazon mp3.  The CD plus book combination can be purchased from TPT or from Daria’s Little Village Store