Love and discipline for the bilingual journey


2017 is finally here!  I almost feel like I am living in the future  My kids are growing, life is changing.  Another page got flipped and it must be written so at the end of this year I will be able to read the story.  Am I going to write that story in Spanish or English?  It will be a bilingual…
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20+ reasons why you should rise your child bilingual


I believe strongly in bilingualism, IfI could I would teach everybody Spanish, English and more I would do it.  That is why it is a pleasure to have Brooke Neuman as guest today writing about such an important matter. ………………………………………………………………………………………………………. Are you searching for new ways to improve your child’s future? Raising your child bilingual…
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The use of Tu, Vos and Usted from a bicultural mind perspective

tu y vos

A few weeks ago y watched a very funny, but still real video of the uses of Tu,  Usted and Vos in Spanish. In which Sarah, from a life with subtitles interviews her Hispanic husband.   The truth is that as Hispanic, you do not really think in why you use the three different pronouns to…
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Because everyday counts routine


Many schools started classes last month.  In this Spanglish house we started last week.  A whole full year of knowledge, fun and surprises are awaiting for us!  Of course this year will have more Spanish because kiddos are growing and Spanish is more spoken en esta casa. We start our school days with a Calendar, in…
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Designing a garden with your children

I really did not do a  bucket list this Summer, my goal was to try to have fun without spending a lot of money. Our awesome library helped me to reach my goal. They offered many activities to almost no cost.  One of the activities was Design your own Fairy Garden.

My first thought after reading the workshop was: “I am not sure if my kids are really going to enjoy it”.  The truth is that they really do not care much about fairies, except when they loose their teeth.  And in that case they even write to the tooth fairy and Raton Perez to make sure they take the time to stop by.  Anyway, I signed them up. And you know what?  They loved it! It was not about fairies at all, it was about the garden.

They were able to create a Mini Garden.  It was the perfect opportunity to learn about:

  • Gardens and  its elements,
  • Plants,
  • Design their very own garden
  • Plant their own garden
  • Maintain their own garden
  • and of course,  review their Spanish vocabulary.

I think everybody can do it!  For the project you will need,

  • A plastic box with holes drilled in. So you can water your garden and let your plants live
  • Potting soil, or just plain soil
  • Real plants to transplant or plastic ones
  • Rocks,
  • Molch
  • Sticks
  • Marbles,
  • Tiny toys for details for your project.

Here a few pictures of their gardens.  Aren’t they nice?

jardin 2 jardin 3 El Jardin

PS.  It does not have to be a Fairy garden, it could work also for a playmobile.