Pedestrian day, a good day to celebrate the Earth

dia del peaton3

If you have been in Bolivia, specially in big cities, like La Paz, Cochabamba or Santa Cruz.  Probably you can remember the crazy traffic, vendors everywhere,  noisy city, protests going on, routes blocked.  Chaos, chaos, more chaos, and lots of noise.  I suppose most of the cities in the world are very noisy.  However not many…
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Walking on the Clouds

I disappear from the Blogging world to walk on the clouds.  I was not in a dream but I was living my best dream of all.  I was 13 000 feet above see level.  Walking on the clouds, walking on Bolivia’s streets. La Paz, Oruro and Cochabamba (para ser mas exacta). What a January!  What a dream!

We decided to start our travels the first morning of the year.  We rang the New Year bells in Flight 922 from American Airlines.  I wish I would have had a camera with me to take a picture of the Flight Attendants.  They were very properly dressed, with their little sparkling crowns and glittering feathers.  Their earrings were the best, they had a special glow.

My son remarks were,

“Now I know how the Tooth-fairy looks like”.

Like any trip with any sleep at all, to an altitude of more than 13 000 feet; this one, brought a lot of discomfort.  Nothing that rest, Coca Tea and blend diet cannot handle.  This was my first report to family and friends,

Kids are finally back to normal. That is not dizzy, very hungry and loud.  Parents on the other hand are still suffering from the Altitude. The best symptom of all anyway is the happiness of being home!”

I called my trip a walk in the clouds for many reasons, such as,

  • Very high Altitude.
  • It went super fast, almost like a dream
  • I was able to disengage from the routine.
  • I saw my kids loving my Bolivia and falling in love with the culture.
  • I could hear Español sin acento (from my paisanos) and con acento (my little ones).  Yes, the little ones started to speak without fear.
  • I was able to be spoiled by the woman I love the most, mi mama.  She cooked every antojo I had.
  • I was able to get Bolivian ID’s for the whole family.
  • I spent long hours chatting with mi adorada hermana.
  • I was able to travel by bus.
  • I was able to visit the house where I grew up.  The best of it, was to show it to my family.
  • Pictures were taken to not forget a single moment of the dream.

Here a few pictures, so you could see a little bit of La Paz Bolivia from my camera lens.

Museo de Ethnografia y floklore

Condor de los Andes



Museo de Etnografia y Folklore

From the gondola

La Paz desde el teleferico.


The triplets or los Trilizos.


Bride taking her first teleferico ride as a wife


I suppose I am back to the blogging world.  Trying to start a new year in March.



Creating Christmas memories with a signature


Bicultural living, can be sometimes frustrating.  In our acquired culture we have to do things different of what we were used to. Whether we like it or not, our first culture becomes weaker compared with the surrounding influence.  Language is different, food is different, habits are different and at the end of the day the…
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Cranberry Christmas, a TOS review

cranberry Christmas

Do you like Cranberries?   Cranberries are one of the healthiest native American products in the world.   Cranberries in Spanish are called Arandanos Agrios,  Yes Cranberries are very bitter if you eat the fruit alone.  But if that fruit is properly prepared, cooked or baked, my goodness they are yummy!   South America has not been…
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